RIC Statement: Farage’s Hatred Not Welcome in Scotland

This is the press statement the Radical Independence Campaign put out regarding our protest against Nigel Farage’s visit to Edinburgh on Thursday.

The Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) helped organise an emergency protest yesterday against Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, to say that his racist, bigoted ideas have no place in Scotland. Over 100 people gathered on the Royal Mile to oppose Farage’s attempts to stir up anti-immigrant sentiment in Scotland.

RIC regards Mr Farage’s allegations of ‘fascism’ as completely ludicrous and shows how out of touch he is with reality.

Liam O’Hare, a member of RIC Edinburgh said: “UKIP are a deeply nasty organisation who are attempting to spread their divisive bile in Scotland. We want a Scotland that welcomes immigrants, and that stands for multiculturalism and equal rights for all. We believe Scotland can achieve this through independence, where the likes of Farage will have no role in our politics.”

Alice Bowman, a leader of Radical Independence Edinburgh who is originally from Carlisle, said: “As one of many English people on the protest, I find it insulting that Farage is painting us as anti-English. I think it is appalling that he conflates being English with support for his crazy anti-immigrant politics.

“We campaign for Scottish Independence on an internationalist basis. Scotland welcomes English people who want to work, study, and live here. But as we have seen, Scotland doesn’t want racist thugs like Farage, and that’s a good thing. We are proud that Farage’s attempts to bring his nonsense up here have been a dismal failure. He’ll be followed by protesters wherever he goes in Scotland.”

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  1. Philip JOyce says:

    Well said, Liam and Alice. I wholeheartedly support the RIC in this endeavour. Farage and his like are thoroughly despicable and really should have no place in society.

  2. Rudi Vogels says:

    I was born in Holland and still have a Dutch passport. I have lived and worked all my life in Scotland. I’m married here and have three kids and four grandchildren. I have always be made to feel welcome. I’m a disability activist and socialist (thus not an snp member) and put all my energy into Scotland becoming an Independent Socialist Scotland. I will work with anybody who wants Scotland to be independent. When that happens I’ll apply for a Scottish passport. Scotland is a caring society and there is NO place here for racists like Farage.

  3. Ice Karma says:

    You played right into Farage’s hands with this one. Got him an absolute load of media coverage his visit otherwise wouldn’t have had whilst making Scottish nationalists look like belming, juvenile twats.

    UKIP hasn’t failed up here yet, as I truly hope they will, and your stunt did nothing but give a racist more airtime and column inches and very likely sympathy votes in my own city.

    Please stop hurting the Scottish nationalist cause with your misguided, self rightous attempts at politics. You guys are as harmful to an independant Scotland as UKIP.

  4. Martin Harrison says:

    Disgusting behavior,attempts to suppress free speech.Farage is not a Racist or a Fascist.He wants a free trade deal, and Britain to leave the EU.To align him with Nazi’s who killed people in gas chambers.Is a disgrace to politics. It is a disgrace that a politician who committed no crime’s is bullied in a racist manner.And told to ‘get back to England’. UKIP has Black and Asian members in the party.And is not concerned about Race.If UKIP members had treated a Romanian Politician in the same way, you would be outraged.It is a shocking disgrace to Scotland that the Mob rule, and not the ballot box

  5. Farage is not racist, and to call him fascist is classic diversion tactics. He’s really got the SNP running scared because they rely on the votes of working-class people abandoned by Labour, who vote SNP because they could never bring themselves to vote Tory. UKIP threatens the SNP, which is why they’ve mobilised their RIC stormtroopers.

  6. Adrian Stewart says:

    I quite like Nigel Farage and agree with a lot of his views I think we should cut back on immigration rather than just open the borders and let everyone who wants to come here. If people are coming here they should integrate into our society. Not just turn up and take a little bit of all I and people like me have worked for all our lives.
    I do not get where you call him a racist, I have read the ukip website and they are far removed from the likes of the bnp or scum like that.
    I was quite shocked at the demonstration in Edunburgh last week and i thought you lot were an embarrassment for Scotland. NF was trying to talk to you and you had a crowd mentality and he was not given the courtesy to discuss his views with you.
    For the record I have voted SNP for a number of years , I also travelled to Edinburgh in March to take part in the march against the bedroom tax although when I got there I did not march as the march was taken over by socialist workers and yes campaigners and that was not what it was about

    I have been in touch with the SNP and asked them about their manifesto as I tend to think that trident has kept us safe for generations – North Korea and Iran have Nuclear weapons and you want to give ours away – well if a big boy in the playground has a knife then sorry but I want a gun!!
    I cannot say I was proud of you actions last week at all- have a think and listen to what people have to day before branding them as scum- you might be surprised!!

  7. Alan Jay says:

    I am a member of ukip and do not recognize the racism you accuse my party of having. When you come from one of the first multi racial family’s in Britain, like I do, you tend to be able to spot a racist a mile away. Back in the late 1950’s when my black brother and I walked down the street we could hardly survive a day with out a ruck with other kids when they passed by, as to see someone of mixed race then was rare. I can honestly say I have never come across any sort of racism in ukip and your organisation is wrong to make such accusations against Nigel Farage.

    I said above that I can spot a racist a mile away, that does not necessarily mean racism against black people, what I saw on tv was racism, clear, bigoted, against the English. And like all filthy racist your organistion contains the lowest life of all. You lot might try to hide it but your hate ooses out.

    Anyway thanks for the publicity it’s about time ukip made an impression in Scotland. It all helps. !!!!!

    To piss you off even more, us English love the SCOTTS.

  8. not telling says:

    What a bunch of silly wee racists you are

  9. Rude Cherub says:

    The sound of bunch of National Socialists shouting down a Free Market Libertarian like Farage, denying him an opportunity to speak – while howling he was a Fascist was dramatic irony.

    on racism I really can’t add anything to what Alan Jay has eloquently said.

    Thanks for both shining a light at your nasty ways and giving the real Independence Party some welcome publicity in Scotland.
    Trading democratic Westminster where Scotland has had real influence in person for generations for undemocratic Brussels where Scotland would be vassal fringe territory is of course the polar opposite of independence.

  10. Thinker says:

    This is a good example of how simply shouting racist ( along with “scum scum scum” ) at anything you don’t like is being used to close any debate and actually do more harm than good.
    Having a sensible immigration policy is not racist. Everyone has an idea of what the level should be, who is actually saying Scotland should have a totally free border to the rest of the world ? No one does, so is that racist ? Of course not.

    If anyone thinks shouting scum at people and not being able to engage in debate is getting any place, think again.
    By shouting racist at everything in order to try and close the debate, you just make it much worse. Sorry, but that’s the truth , you are doing more harm than good.

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  12. Shame on you says:

    Does the irony of your slogan on the photo not embarrass you? I don’t think Farage has ever told anyone to return to their own country, like you did with him. Your anti – Englishness is nothing but ugly racism. Spectacular own-goal, by the way, if your aim was make Farage appear as the unreasonable one. You shamed Scotland. Congratulations!

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  14. r101 says:

    Gotta say, thanks to RIC we got some magnificent publicity. Carry on carrying on RIC.

  15. T. Malsbury says:

    As the son of an immigrant, married to an immigrant and a UKIP member, I have to express bewilderment at actions of RIC. Wanting to control immigration, and to retain democratic control over our borders is not racist. This country has benefitted immensely from controlled immigration. Controlled immigration allows people to integrate into wider society, and it allows the country to be able to plan and to cater for increase demand in essential services and housing. An open border to 500 million people that have the same legal entitlements as UK citizens is a receipe for disaster. We are a small island with limited resources.

  16. Teddy Clark says:

    apparently RACISM is alive and well in SCOTLAND democracy is not an option when an Englishman is not even allowed to speak ..and abused to such an extent he has to flee/leave..DISGUSTING Racist SCUM..most Scots CAN NOT think this is right SURELY ??

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